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"One of the emerging issues facing telephone survey researchers is the increasing proportion of households without a landline telephone connection.(currently estimated to be around 13% of adults)" (more)

Darren Pennay
The Social Research Centre
What is it?

Similar to our household RDD we are now randomly generating Australian mobile phone numbers and then validating each one.

How are the numbers generated?

ACMA provides a list of mobile phone number ranges. We randomly generate numbers that fall within these ranges that have not already been generated. For example, if the range defined by ACMA is 0410 218 000 to 0410 218 999, then we randomly generate a number suffix to 0410 218 to make a complete number.

Are the mobile numbers defined with ACMA Districts or Zones?

The mobile numbers are not geographically profiled. We do not know where the number resides as they are completely random.

Do you provide any other information with the numbers?

We do not provide any information about the individual, however we do provide the mobile phone carrier. This can assist with least cost routing within your phone system.

Are business mobile phone numbers included?

As we randomly generate the mobile numbers and they are not washed against any business mobile phone list it is possible that some numbers could be related to businesses.

Will I be getting the same numbers as other users?

As the service is new we are randomly generating new numbers for each request, so you can be assured of fresh numbers. We do not draw the numbers from an existing washed pool.
How much is it?

4 credits per mobile number.


Sampleworx is an online membership based service. Once a member you simply login and request to purchase credits. With credits in your account you can then send your mobile RDD orders to with the quantity required.

Step 1: Membership Form
To join, simply contact us for an application form. Once approved, you receive login details and are ready to start using the service. Each account can have multiple users to make it easy for additional staff to access this service.

Step 2: Purchase Credits
To purchase credits simply login and click on the “request credits” link. Only a user with administrator rights will have access to this link. Credits purchased in larger volume attract discounts.


Once you are a member you can purchase Sampleworx credits which are used to buy telephone sample. The rates vary according to volume in a single transaction.

Some example rates are shown below:

12,500 credits $980 + GST
100,000 credits $4,650 + GST
400,000 credits $12,450 + GST
Note: 4 Credits = 1 Mobile Phone Number.

For an accurate price on a specific volume please call us on 1300 559 161 or send us an email to

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